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Are you looking to add a new Safety Data Sheet to your account?  There are a variety of options, depending on your account type, on how to upload sheets to your inventory.  Review the guide below to determine the best way to have your digital binders populated. Jump to a specific section with these quick links:

Option 1: Uploading a New SDS - All account types

Step 1: If you have a Safety Data Sheet you want included in your account you can upload it yourself.  Once you've logged into your account and are at the "My Binder" homepage of your account select the "Add New Sheet" button.

add button.jpg

Step 2: After selecting the "Add New Sheet" button you'll be at the "Search" screen.  Before uploading a new SDS to your inventory you must search the master inventory, as the sheet you want may already have been added by the EZ Safety Management admin team.  Enter all, or part, of the SDS name to and click the "Search" button. Your results will be returned.

Below we have the returned results from a search for "Toluene" in the master database.  In this case there are 3 hits in the master inventory for "Toluene".

search results toluene.jpg

Step 3: Any search results with a blue square and plus symbol to the left of them will represent SDSs in the master inventory that are not currently in your private inventory.  Search results without a blue square and plus symbol represent SDSs already in your inventory.  In the above image the first two products reflect sheets in the master inventory while the bottom result is a sheet already in the private inventory.

add button highlighted.jpg

Step 4: If the SDS you are looking for is listed then click on the blue button with the plus symbol.  Once you've clicked on the blue button that sheet will be added to your inventory and you'll find yourself back at a blank search screen.  If the SDS you wanted isn't listed then you can either add it yourself, or request that the EZ SAFETY MANAGEMENT team locate and add it to your inventory for you (managed accounts only). In the event that your search did not return the SDS you wanted then select the "Add New Sheet" button at the top right of the page. 

add new sheet button.jpg

Step 5: This will bring you to the upload page where you can enter the SDS information and attach the SDS in .pdf format.  Although multiple data fields are available to completed, only those fields with the black tringle and exclamation mark are mandatory.  The rest of the fields are optional.

sheet details.jpg

Step 6: Once you've entered the required information in the data fields click the blue "Create" button at the bottom of the page and your SDS will be immediately added to your private inventory.   


Option 2: Requesting an SDS - Managed Account

In the event that you have a premium Managed Account then rather than upload your own Safety Data Sheets you can request that the admin team for EZ Safety Management locate and add it for you.  The process is similar to adding your own SDS except after conducting an unsuccessful search of the Master Database (Step 3) select the "Request an SDS" button at the top right  search.

request sds.jpg

Step 4: After clicking on the "Request an SDS" button you'll be brought to the data entry page to complete the request process.  In completing the request form the more information that is provided on the desired SDS the easier it will make it for the EZ Safety Management team to locate it.  However, as a minimum, the "Product Name", "Manufacturer" and "Language" are required.  Once the fields have been filled out click the "Send Request" button at the bottom.

request sds2.jpg

Step 5: After clicking the "Send Request" button you will be provided a confirmation prompt by your browser.  Click the "OK" button and you will be returned to the "Request an SDS sheet" box, as pictured above.  Continue to request as many sheets as are required and when finished, click the "Close" button at the bottom right and you will be returned to the search screen.

Step 6: To track your requests login to your admin account and in the left column you'll see three drop down menus at the bottom: 1) New Requests, 2) In Progress and 3) Closed. Click on each of these to see the status of your request(s). 

request tracking.jpg
  • New Requests: These are requests that have been submitted but have not yet been reviewed by the EZ Safety Management admin team.  Once they have been reviewed their status will be updated and they will be moved to:

  • In Progress: Once the status has been updated the notes added by the EZ Safety Management team will be visible in this menu.  If the admin team was unable to locate the SDS the additional information required would be listed here.

  • Closed: Once the SDS has been located and added to your inventory the request will be listed in this section.  Here you can see your history of requests.

Option 3: Batch Uploading - Managed Accounts Only

This option is primary for new account setups or for requesting a large number of Safety Data Sheets.  Rather than individually requesting every sheet you can send an excel spreadsheet, to the EZ Safety Management team, of the SDSs you require. 

Step 1: Using the sheet below enter the chemical name, manufacturer and any additional information that may help us locate the SDSs you require.  The more accurate the information you provide, the more likely it is that we'll locate the correct sheet.

Step 2: Once you've added all the SDSs you need located send the Excel sheet to and we'll start populating your inventory as we receive them from the manufacturers. 

Step 3: In the event that we cannot locate an SDS you've requested it will appear in your main page under the "In Progress" menu of the "My Requests" section. Click on the arrow to expand the drop down menu and you will see requests that are in progress.  If additional information is required it will be listed in this here.


Step 4: In the above example three SDSs are "In Progress" of being located and the EZ Safety Management team has requested additional information on the first two.  Beneath the requested SDSs name the required information is listed. 

Step 5: Once you've located the requested information provide it via email to and the SDS Smart team will update the request to locate the sheet.

If you are still experiencing difficulty adding SDSs to your account contact us for more assistance.

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